Sunday, January 16, 2011

I have been Google Bombed and that is why I started this blog.

And that is also why I'm posting my name and address here:
Ken Padgett
3134 Mercer Lane
San Diego, CA 92122

I got into a dispute with some very unpleasant people in a newsgroup dedicated to chronic pain. I saw them picking on others relentlessly and spoke out against it. That's when they turned their attention to me. I fought back but every response from me only encouraged them to continue. I was stalked for several years afterward by people who posted literally thousands of messages containing my name and address along with outrageous lies about me, my family, and my businesses. They even went so far as to mail an anonymous letter to some of my neighbors 'warning' them about me.

I finally created a web site to warn others about the individuals who were stalking me. The web site is located at and it was very effective in ending the abuse, but the web site didn't do anything to counteract the mountain of lies and half-truths that had already been posted about me.That is the purpose of this blog and several others as well as some web sites I've created like the Ken Padgett Biography and the Ken Padgett Blog