Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Step 2. Start your own blogs

Free blogs are available at:
And many other places on the web.

All blog sites provide free web space and easy tools for designing and publishing your blog. Blogs can be written by one individual or they can be shared among many writers so that folks can cooperate and share info on subjects of their choosing.

You can use your own domain name and redirect it to your blog or you can use the name you choose for your blog when you set the blog up. The difference is thus: is redirected to using the control panel settings at my domain registrar. So when someone clicks on or types it into their browser they are redirected to the Ken Padgett Blog at Likewise, I also have a separate domain name for this "Google Bombed" blog. It can be reached via or directly via:

Potential topics for a blog are endless. I mentioned a few in a previous post; a biography of yourself, your resume, your business, etc. -- but you can write a blog on just about any topic that interests you. Certainly one very common topic is politics. If you want to release your frustrations about the current political climate or just go on an extended rant a blog is a good place to do it.

Any content is good as long as you're creating it yourself and not copying it from other web sites. As always, the point of this exercise is to insert your name into your blog text as much as possible so that when Google and the other search engines index your site it will rank high in searches on your name. That's why I'm going to put my name here -- Ken Padgett -- for no reason other than the fact that I need it to be embedded in the text a couple of times in every blog post I make.